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Kruger National Park- Wildlife Center

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Vienna UT / at Austria
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Alex Diebalek

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More than a hotel or an observatory, the Kruger’s National Park is a point for self-emersion in the African landscape, culture and issues. The project brings together different functions, serving as accomodation for visitors, research center, vet, exhibitions, among others. This multifunctional feature ensures a rich and enlightening space, where its visitors will be able truly to know the characteristics of the region.
The shape of the Center arises by intersecting the function’s ranges of influence in a concentric way together. These “Metacurve”- Shape, are blended together and create a loop, which is accesable from several points of the site. The building is integrated in the topography, without any abrupt disconnections, and furthermore facilitates an barrier-free access in the whole site. With a minium of physical impact, the proposal seeks for a sustainable solution and provides a maximum of spatial quality.
The transparency of the building allowed the facade’s slats, ensure that the building breathe and that its users can enjoy the outdoor landscape, the sightseeing sunsets, or perhaps some creature of its fauna.
The wood was essentially the material chosen for the project, due its porosity and low index of heat absorption, it creates a material that ensures the building comfort on hot days. The thinner wood slats, that dominate the facade of the building, are an alternative to the use of such as glass and metallic profiles. The type of wood to be used it’s a customer’s choice, it may use both solid wood and recycled wood.
Finally, the expectation is that this project will serve to increase the interest in Kruger’s National Park, elucidating its visitors to the importance of preservating the native flora and fauna. That this closer contact will prompt the emotional bond and the logical thinking necessary to boost other initiatives for ecological preservation

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