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IWC - 1110
ETSAM UPM / es Spain
4 members
Ana Alirangues López
Elena Gámez Miguélez
Javier  Peláez García
Javier Estebala Alández

Our proposal seeks to be a mobile and [zero-footprint] model of [program condenser], which in turn is able to inject them at specific landscape set points in order to refine ecosystem irregularities on the basis of the previous proposed objectives.

This will require the study of the project as a two-scale strategy: [the container and the content].

The container uses the whole park scale, being responsible for the translation of the different subjects ([tourists] and employees/volunteers) and architectural devices according to the real-time [KNP parameter monitoring]. The content covers the program formalization into structures capable of work both in the container and in the [check points], for their easy and quick assembly character.

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Marta Gómez López

Se nota el trabajo y el ímpetu, impresionante.


muchas gracias


Enhorabuena !





Fernando Antón


Elena Callejo Santamaria


Ricardo González Ortiz

¿Por qué no se ha llevado el primer premio? De todas maneras, un trabajo genial, da gusto ver proyectos así, los jóvenes de hoy en día son pura energía y creatividad...



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