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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / gr Greece
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George Tsilomelekis
Myrto Zengini

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Μan is an entity that has five senses and can experience places through them. The natural environment satisfies all of his senses and excites them. In the particular case which a person lacks of a basic sense (for example kinetic difficulties, vision weakness), nature must remain a partner and should be able to be explored by defying the difficulties that have happened. Humans need a body and a soul refuge, an environment that protects him and an environment that allows to be explored. Nature is the ideal refuge. For this reason our idea is based on the creation of a structure that will enable the access to everyone and will give the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment and to admire its majesty.

The first human refuge was a cave. There the first people found the protection that they sought. It is the place where their need for protection from the unknown natural environment lead them. In the natural environment, we notice signs that enable people to observe it. We observe certain parts of a mountain, which, unlike the caves, protrude by creating projections and thus allow the admiration of the natural landscape. Its morphology is based on the combination of the shape of the cave, and the form of the cantilever in a single structure. In this way we bring man closer to nature, we show him how far he can walk and we encourage him to feel the materiality of the nature.

Man experiences the hardness that characterizes the stone and the fluidity of water through two opposing morphological points that are joined together in a single structure. The levels of this structure are joined through one elevator. All the people use the same way of transportation.We try to drive the human from a totally close space to a totally open space through one direct line that is devised in vertical levels and in horizontal transitions with different qualities.

The construction is placed at a point which can be easily connected to one of the existing paths of the area. More specifically, we chose to place it in the southern part of the fjord at the point opposite of the seven sisters waterfalls.

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