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A floating device is introduced in the natural cycle , activating itself, becoming part of the ecosystem and traveling around the entire Kruger Park according to current predominant winds and sun radiation.

3 elements: ballon + sun + wind

Traveling is achieved with the idea of having a fixed destination and an estimated time of arrival. We invert the system. It has no fixed time, neither place of arrival. The journey becomes the essence.

Traveling at wind speed in a totally sustainable object that leaves no Human trace behind. An environmentally friendly method of experiencing nature that doesn’t require expensive and destructive, constructions, steel tracks or concrete highways.

We deny and don´t accept the presence of roads and vehicles that destroy the natural environment of the animals and their habitat.

It is made of a thermic ballon that uses the sun radiation to get charged and elevate, and the wind as the force to navigate. During the journey, It moves according to prevailing winds and direction at the time of travel. The device charges during the morning and around 12-13h the energy its enough to start the flight.

Its inner wood light structure is covered with a bamboo skin. The cabin, where all your basic needs are packed, has a capacity of 3 people, from tourists, volunteers and researchers.

You don´t need a building, you just need the correct way to approach the habitat.

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This is a really amazing project!
Good luck guys!


Arquitectura que no es arquitectura... Muy interesante propuesta que abarca el terreno sin dominarlo. Let it wind!




¡Fascinante! Felicitaciones :D


interesante proyecto


Es una idea preciosa! :)



Laura Peña Gómez

Un proyecto que muestra mucha sensibilidad con el lugar! Enhorabuena!


Enhorabuena! muy buen trabajo!


Interesante propuesta y merecido reconocimiento. ¡Muchas felicidades!

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