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IWC - 1392
Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio / ch Switzerland
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Luca Marending
Anna Saldi

Surely being aware of the utopic character of our proposal, we want to enhance a sheer ideological question that involves the primary role of architecture as both shelter and container, the relation of such architecture with a barely infinite and monotonous landscape like savannah and the impact that it has on the environment considering its function.

We therefore propose a project that creates three different physical dimensions with only one architectural gesture.
While a floating roof accommodates all the human-related activities, its projection on the savannah ground generates a natural enclosure and a consequent intersection and interaction with animal fences. The floating element relates with the ground just through its ephemeral presence, but, under these extreme and complex circumstances, becomes a precious shelter for animals’ rest and men’s work for them; these two activities blend underneath the roof, whose threshold becomes the boundary of an independent world in which professionals and volunteers can practice wilderness rehabilitation and tourists actively learn and get aware about it.

The natural rhythm of nature makes men crossing the shadow up or down during the day, adapting the artificial clock time to the animals’ one. When animals don’t need to be feed or cared, briefings, seminaries and every other activity which is related to the wilderness rehabilitation is done inside the roof, in a flexible open space where people can learn, study, observe or simply relax.

To allow a relation with the context from the spaces of the roof, we have cladded the metal structure with waterproof translucent canvas. All the other elements are light panel in order to allow an easy and quick assemblage.

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