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Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Wijanee Sendang

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Kruger Park means protection of the habitat, respect of nature and being part of one of the largest national Parks of the World. The Diversity of life in the Park, gives a wild and unique experience to the visitors of all ages where they can be a part of magical place, touching every moment with nature.


Our choose of the place for the project responds to the present situation of places needed.

Our goal is to create a new place for visitors where they can understand the Exchange of knowledge and the conservation of species, participating in a timeless space that could always dialogue with the noises, along with the textures and colours of the park. Two crossing terraces where you can see the jungle are talking and breathing.

The location which can visualised these ideas, we focus on the part of  animals circulation, in the night and day, different animals adapting the existing infrastructures and accommodations of the park in the lower sabie area located in Mlondozi picnic site, in front of the Mlondozidam lake and Munstshe Mountain, where visitors can experienced the behaviour of the animals.


The project integrated an experience capable of imitate and blend with the atmosphere of the place using materials such as wood and modular spaces to generate a camouflage expression, not disturbing the every day life of the animals, to create a comfort space.

The gesture of the IWC looks is to be always in presence of nature.

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