International Wildlife Center

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IWC - 1310
Universitat de Catalunya / es Spain
2 members
Alex Fernandez Azofra
Rafa Parga

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The project comes from two axis that divide the building in two sides, the workers and the visitors. These two sides are connected with each module.
The building consists of a ‘’Big Five’’ of modules where the program is distributed, each module plays a basic function for the International Wildlife Center, and adopts some features according to its basic needs. Therefore, each module has some specific measures for its function. The modules form a skyline of different heights.
The modules are detached searching a fragmented volume. The intention is to create a fusion between the building and the environment. Between the modules is allowed to see the Kruger Park.
The modules are placed transversal to the axis, finding the connection between different aspects, such as access, park views, indoors, courtyard, etc.
The main concept of each floor is “open space” as inside as outside.
The setting of the modules try to take advantage of climate. The own architecture creates open and close spaces, solar protection zones, private and common space.

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