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IWC - 1296
Saint-Petersburg state academy of art and design named after baron A. L. Shtigliz / ru Russian Federation
3 members
Artem Shatunov
Anna Uspenskaya
Daria Agurianova

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Main idea of our wildlife center is creation so-called system of Policies, targeted to care about 7 different groups of Kruger
National parks inhabitants. First of all it is a group of five animals: Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Leopard; also we add Polis of Monkeys and Polis of Birds.

Polis is great separated center of rehabilitation and care about sick animals. Most part of territory is imitation of natural habitat. This conditions helps animals feel free but under volunteer’s and specialist’s supervision. Each Polis has a parts for comfort work of scientist and volunteers, for excursions and lectures.

Each polis consists of this functional areas:
1. Rehabilitation zone of animals /walking areas, open-cages, laboratories/
2. Working zone / offices, administrations and facilities building/
3. Presentation zone
4. Servicing zone / night’s lodging, dining hall, sanitare block.

All policies are combined network of bicycle cable car on which the policy of the policy to move tourists in individual capsules bike , driven through the pedals , which turns a man sitting inside. Transparent materials of construction to allow to observe animals during the movement and the same time to be secure.

In a center of Park is a main Polis with functions connected with people with a wild:
1. Dwelling for scientists , volunteers, tourists /bungalows, campings, guesthouses/
2. Place for eating / restourants, picnic zone, shops/
3. Excurtion and educational zone /exibitional area, lecture hall, conference hall, view points, start and finish bycicle-rope ways/

Conditions in this wildlife center is good for intrested tourists to be a volunteers, to know animals of Kruger park, to discover unknown part of life wild animals.
Every animal is a whole world, because we devote special Polis to each.

Center located on a hill and got down to the river. Spread situated of Polises to provide animals feel freedom and has access to the water.

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