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University of Trento / it Italy
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Annagiulia Metrini
Gaia Sgaramella

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The idea of the International Wildlife Center is a village where volunteers and tourists interact with each other, thus allowing the visitors to live an educational experience discovering flora and fauna of Kruger National Park.
The different buildings of the village were settled in a circular disposition, toward the common spaces, creating interaction and aggregation places.
Circularity concept inspired the design of the educational paths inside the center, starting from an idea of knowledge which is the central point of the tourist experience. Based on this driving force the educational squares, visitor center and the animal and research center were designed.
The chosen materials for the buildings are local wood and glass. Starting from traditional African hut, the roof's shape became a reversing umbrella able to collect rainwater, and where solar panel are placed. This solved the self-sufficiency problem for visitor center and all accommodations.your proposal

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