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Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Lorenzo Visentini
ezio zupelli
Francesca Venini
Domenico Tirrito

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This project is basically focused on the idea that visitors are welcome in Kruger Park where they can understand not only how fauna and flora are protected but also what this amazing area has to offer, promoting both the knowledge and the direct intervention in favor of animal species and care of their habitat. The structure comes from the desire to interact directly with the environment, through a journey that starts from the mountains and, alternating full and empty spaces it develops linearly until the water, benchmark for living being. Spaces are developed thanks to this singular route and they are mainly distinguished by two circular plates designed with different sand surfaces.
On one of these two plates is located the point dedicated directly to the animals and to the staff that takes care of them, making sure that all the safety rules are respected to let visitor have an unforgettable meeting with them.
Then visitors arrive to a collection point ; they are directed, through a linear link to the exhibition hall, showing the territory and local history. The path is drawn by vertical elements that shade people from the intense sun.
Eventually tourists have the pleasure to find a shopping area and a restaurant that rests directly on the water where they can stop and enjoy both a main course and a direct view of what's around.
Characteristic place of the project is the observation point that is located on the mountain and from which you can have a complete picture of the project and the fascinating context in which it fits.

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