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IOA - 1115
Universidad de Sevilla. / es Spain
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Ivan Nieto
Christian Gutiérrez Tocino

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Venice is one of the most touristic cities on earth. Among the characteristics which makes this place interesting for visitors are facts such as the relationship with water and besides the traditions and events that take place every year. When taking a closer look into the events it was concluded that it existed a tendency in creating elements to defeat the borders created by the water itself, this can be seen during the religious events “Santa Maria della Salute” and “Il Redentore”, where the distance between two borders of the canal is covered by small elements joined together. Following the analysis we abstracted the idea of piecing together an element creating spaces that could be suitable for different events and traditions. In conclusion we considered relevant to take into account the following elements for the conceptual approach: Water, people (including tourists), events and traditions.
The outcome was a 4 meter side hexagonal module with a floating light structure covered by a membrane that could be carried along the canals in order to be joined together either with similar elements or with an 8 meter side similar module. The combination of the two sizes allowed us to have a flexible design that could be used as an art exhibition area, performing cultural activities, and all the uses related to the traditional Venetian events.
Regarding the Venetian traditions the production process of the module would occur in the traditional construction site of the gondola, the “Squero”. As well as the site, the material choosing was also influenced by the tradition: Fir wood that is regularly used in the gondola construction. Through these decisions the goal was to achieve a sustainable project that first of all could be built near to the final location and besides could be reused for several years.

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