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Doowon Technical University College / kr Korea, Republic of
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Hong gi Kim
hosu kim
Hoon sung Jeon

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incomplete plan in progress

During the step of project planning, we found the interesting plan in Venice the history.
the early 16th century, Governor Foscari called Duca instruct to establish three beautiful church building for his palace(Palazzo Ducale) garden.
San Giorgio Maggiore(1565-1610) which has been designed by the main architect of post Renaissance, Andrea alladio,
and il Redentore(1576-1577) of the Giudecca looks like a water garden Since it creates a triangle angle which faces Plazza San Marco.
In the meanwhile the complete plan of Fosscari was to build an island with forest but this cannot be actualized.
This is the most beautiful incomplete plan of all times.

We have through this project decided to renew the uncompleted plan by combining culture and art.
The mother earth of this island On top of that earth four different spaces have been created and is distinguished with different purpose for each spaces.
Plus it provides various views for each.
The style of the building has been renewed into a modern style based on the motif of gothic which is an architectural style of the past Venice.

This island involve a lot event spaces. you can experience venues, exhibition space, seating area, activity space, Observatory.
Also, it has a lot of meaning.
Architecture of the major materials of Stone is of Venice-based, and Islands Central located in a number of trees stakes are Venice to surge up the internal Foundation Symbol be at the same time as the Woods motif wrought event space.

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