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IOA - 1213 MELT

IOA - 1213
Northeastern University / cl Chile
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Felipe Tejeda

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

First, the erosion of Venice is imagined beyond its current banks, onward to create a series of performance and cultural spaces. This extension of the fabric of Venice extends the city’s iconic canals while simultaneously symbolizing ice caps- the melting of which has caused the rise of water in Venice. This allows not only for a new experience for visitors of Venice, but also a new cultural awareness of environmental problems of the 21st century. The series of new buildings amongst these 'ice caps' diminish in size as they reach deeper into the ocean, creating a variety of form and flexibility in program and function. Here, we celebrate Venice's distinct identity, we augment its relations, and we define its future.

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IOA - 1213 MELT
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