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IOA 1096 Water Walls

IOA - 1096
Columbia University / us United States
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Yanling Deng

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The island is conceived as a journey, a narrative of event spaces defined by its nature- water’s role as an architectural wall. The water wall exists as a canvas for art - for projections and site specific installations that is unlike any other, a distinct character made possible by the geography of Venezia. Linking the two histories of Piazza San Marco and the Punta della Dogana, the architecture seeks to position itself within a continuous ecosystem of Venetian landmarks, a contemporary dialogue with the past while simultaneously allows a rear view spectating into the city. The site, furthermore, allows a revitalisation of the waterfront spaces, creating a new public water forum framed by the circle and establishing an elemental connection between land and sea. The architecture weaves in and out of water according to tide and time, arcing over the surface with bridges and their supporting structural grid of water piles that give a variety of spatial configurations while protecting the delicate waterfront of Venezia, and framing forgotten vistas into the fold.

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IOA 1096 Water Walls
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