Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1312
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid UPM / es Spain
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Pablo  Sequero

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

To embrace New York, a thorough grasp of scale shifts is essential. The diverse horizons formed by vertical and horizontal planes can be perceived as a scenario where we inroduce yet another element at a human scale, a bright fissure in the canvas of the park. A new visual reference. The scale fluctuates from the city to the park, from the park to the pavilion. IMPLUVIUM will remain a lantern between the trees, inviting visitors to shift from the city to a place where they can relax, perform, watch and listen. Slightly carved into Central Park’s ground, the proposal is shaped by a perimetral canopy that covers longitudinal stands. These elements behave as an atrium, a meeting point for visitors. The porous shade is only separated from the park by a textile membrane which creates a feeling of enclosure, nevertheless the activity hidden inside the pavilion vibrates in resonance with the franctic Manhattan. This anteroom pours all the activity into a large, open central space, the IMPLUVIUM collects all visitors to interact in this new confluence of cultural, sports and leisure activities. Sunken in the floor as if it were to catch the drops of rain.

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