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IMOA - 1541
Uinversity of the Witwatersrand / za South Africa
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Jason Temlett

A desert stepping stone to the stars. Conceptually formed based on a spiral galaxy, the IMOA forms two large wings wrapping around a central atrium, from which a geodesic sphere is hung, containing the IMOA planetarium. With a large courtyard and garden, the IMOA offers an exciting space for people of all backgrounds together in a social space, from which leaps into astronomy can be made, based in academic research, exhibitions, planetarium presentations and observation of the Atacama night sky while on the 360 degree observation deck. The IMOA is uniquely designed and informed using the context of the location, the culture of the people and natural surroundings to make an appropriate design that fits into the Atacama desert, seemingly hewn out of the mountainside it is built into.

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