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IMOA - 1535
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Φωτεινή Κολιού
Mountanea Kyriaki
Lydia Gousgouni
Nora Delidimou

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Our proposal for the International Museum of Astronomy represents a crack in the dry landscape of the Atacama Desert. It ends though in an artificial salt lake, where the sky can be reflected for empirical observations. Two massive concrete walls hold the ground and create a route that is the basic space of the museum; the exhibition area. Thus the exhibition is a continuous flow while moving from one use to another. Inside this route a glassy two-story construction accommodates the rest of the uses: a research center with the needed space for observations on the second level, an educational center with information about astronomy and the stars and a café-restaurant that turns to a staging area and exits the two walls. At the end of the route stands the planetarium with entrance on the ground floor and exit at the staging area of the first floor.

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