International Museum of Astronomy

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IMOA - 1480
Queens University Belfast / ie Ireland
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Joan Kerr
Ollie Chapman

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Sleeping, half buried in the desert, 5 km from San Pedro de Atacama the International Museum of Astronomy welcomes backpackers, tourists, amateur and professional star gazers to stay and witness the spectacle of the night sky.

The complex protects the environment from the activities of the inhabitants, shielding the sky from light spill with deep overhanging roofs, shutters over skylights, and minimal openings directed towards courtyard garden spaces. The cranking walkway connects each function with a shared social space that opens a sequence of views across the landscape.

At night the focus of the building shifts to the cosmos as the roofs open up for the visitors unobstructed connection to the sky. The building does not aim to be the focus of attention, but retreats to facilitate the visitors main objective.

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