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Τhe proposed international museum of astronomy "desert constellation" is inspired by three thematic: the landscape, the astronomical phenomena and the technology. The proposal try to take elements from the three thematic like local landscape -the mounds-, the space landscape -the hollows-, the spiral galaxy -the spiral-, the constellations -entities that create unity-, and the technology -flexibility-, to produce the final unify architectural result.
The main spatial planning of the functional modules in a spiral schema refers to galaxies. Subsequently the spiral breaks into two parts according to the functional needs. The outer spiral concerns the most public part of the museum, such as exhibition halls, projection areas, planetarium and also the services like staging area, restaurant/café and the educational space. The inner spiral concerns to the "private" areas which are units that can accommodate people for a short time and give them the ability to observe the sky and interact with the tourists. The two spirals are connected with a main axe that creates an interaction area. In this axe we place the main entrance, the library and the interaction space. The main movements in the complex are defined by the functions. Except the main axe’s flow there is a continuous flow between the modules of each function-museum_services_accommodation.
The units composed of two parts, the bottom is more compact and tough in a way to look like is a part of the landscape. The top is more flexible and high-tech in order to control the light and also to serve for the sky observation. The shape of the unit was intended to focus on the sky and it’s also helpful for the ventilation of the unit . The hole with water around the unit helps the microclimate around it.

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