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Universidade Lusíada / pt Portugal
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All life man stopped to look at the sky and asked about what he saw and eventually repairs the vastness that surrounded.
From the earliest times up to today's, that the heavens are the target of inspiring admiration and devotion, keeping everyone awake an ongoing fascination with the understanding thereof.
It was watching the sky that appeared the first essential guides for guidance and sustenance of man so giving rise to the first monuments dedicated to them.
Earth, Man and Heaven are the essential ingredients to the birth of astronomy.

" There is a connection between heaven and earth. Finding it, makes it all make sense, even death. Do not see it makes everything meaningless, including life. "

Elder John H. Groberg in "The Other Side of Heaven"

It was also in search of meaning in the territory that the proposed subject arose, as chosen for the intervention to be indicative of the discontinuity of planimetric homogeneity springing up as a result of the vestige of the volcano that has suggested the shape of the volume to propose place.
In view of the connection between sky and earth emerge draft strategy as the use of representative forms thereof, with the square and the circle representing the earth and the heaven, respectively.

This is a temple dedicated to the heavens.

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