International Museum of Astronomy

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IMOA - 1436
at Austria
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Teresa Mayerhofer

the museum is a place for people of all ages. the main aim is to let them experience astronomy by offering interactive displays and numerous observation spaces.
the museum is built underground to preserve the landscape and to adapt to the climatic conditions. the functions are integrated in a grid that resembles the star constellations of the southern sky. visitors should be able to always have a view to the stars even if they are underground. therefore the museum has courtyards and openings in the ceiling which resemble cracks in the ground. the courtyards serve as observation spaces and offer telescopes for everyone to use. some of the courtyards can be closed to protect the devices.
the building serves not only as a museum but as a conference venue and for special events like weddings. the light situation and room constellation can therefore easily be changed by opening and closing certain roof elements.
the parking lot is situated right next to the main road. from there visitors have to walk 300 meters to get to the museum and underground. this track also offers an open air museum which can be visited anytime.

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