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Sebastiano Barbieri

Bruxelles, capital of europe, is a modern city, a meltin pot of different people and countries. The city invested a lot in reaching this goal, and this is true also for food. You can find restaurants from all over the world. The city is divided into 19 districts, each with its own municipality and its own identity. The project develops from these two points, the connections and developed interactions between different cultures in a very structured environment where differences can live together, being they cultural, geographical, or about food. The project presents itself as an ensemble of widespread, white, polished, transparent high point. There are many courtyard and a platfor, easily connected to the ground by rampe on the main entrances. Hence the structure of the ICG, made of separated but connected buildings.

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bellissimo progetto e la forma dei volumi mi piace assai


Brussels is the capital of the whole of Europe and it is the city of Belgium. I think Belgium has the advantage of this thing as mentioned that if they would be the capital of Europe then will give a direction to the whole of Europe.

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