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Politechnika Białostocka / pl Poland
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FOOD – nutrition, life, energy? . What exactly means food for humans now? Since the dawn time food has united humans because of the common hunting, food preparation and consumption. People gathered together around the full table to celebrate, to eat, drink and to create relations among themselves. And so it was born: the culture of cooking, which transformed the NEED into the ART of eating: feast for the senses.


You are entering the building, through the large hall and then You came to the red ornate staircase. The colour of staires are purposely red, because these stimulates our senses and encourage us to explore the world of cooking. The entire building is designed to act on our senses like the food is doing. Beyond the smell of the kitchen, colorful gardens and beautiful interior, You can also TOUCH and FEEL different textures –sensory architecture stays to Your disposal. There is a sensory path where you can go barefoot and enjoy various textures - soft like fruit and sharp and crisp as the husk.


Underground: Divisions kitchen and laboratory can be equipped with a pantry located in the underground levels, or the power supply directly into the kitchen. The level -1 has been designed for cars , bicycles and showers.
The functionality has been clearly divided into levels. One floor is typically for public use, where you can visit an interactive exhibition about the kitchens of the world and enjoy the meal at restaurant where top chefs are cooking. Restaurant has a lovely outdoor veranda located on the water, which is related to close joints. Nearby there is fragrant vegetable garden. Level 2 is designed for all who want to know the work of a modern chef. There are training lab and an extensive library. 3 floor is a factory of ideas chefs who came for training. Training rooms, laboratories and kitchens found its place here. However, if you lose your way there, you can go to a cafe bar and watch the chefs work through the glass wall. 4th floor is a paradise garden with outdoor terrace, a vegetable garden, herbarium and conference auditorium. 5 floor has been designed for offices, while 6 has a café with a beautiful view. All floors are integrated through core - green sprout, symbolizing because each kitchen is based on the wealth of nature.
Chefs’ living area was combined to be connected to the main building, so that residents have direct access to the cooking centre and could keep their privacy as well.Explain your proposal

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