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Rochester Institute of Technology, New York / ng Nigeria
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Christopher Igbojekwe

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In the next 10 years a couple changes would take place in Architecture generally which would consequently change our work, learning and retail environments:
The most prominent change would the “digitization of solid structures”: structures such pillars, partition walls, windows etc. would become like platforms for digital communication. Therefore there would be less existence of structures that serve a single function, so for example a wall could also be an interactive TV screen. Also with smart glass, walls could be made to look opaque or transparent and this would solve a lot of privacy concerns of today

To illustrate this I have designed a conventional space of today which has a classroom for learning, an office space and a retail store.
In comparison I have also designed a similar space with the same dimensions in the future decade with the same elements (classroom for learning, an office space and a retail store but in a different relationship.

Note: these spaces I designed are hypothetical, so not all office spaces look exactly like my current day projection nor the future. These designs are simply to show the direction of progression.

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