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Cultural Y Espectáculos

This original and atypical program of the PULP proposes to bring together practices that already exist in La Roche-sur-Yon and that might seem opposed, a conservatory and a SMAC (contemporary music scene).

Local issue: a visual identity for the city. The new cultural center is therefore settling in a neighborhood undergoing transformation, it must love activity and create attractiveness. The cultural center must become a key element in the structuring of the city center.
Local issue: A new connection space in the neighborhood

The PULP volume expresses an idea of unity and affirms a strong image for the city. It is a simple, unifying form: a cocoon. From then on, the building is a fascinating monolithic block, bathed in light, and entirely covered by a sinuous envelope of glass and metal.

A curved volume seeks to soften a very orthogonal context. This principle of common sense, which consists in inscribing the new in the old, should not restrict the potential of the new structure. For cities become attractive when curiosity is sharpened by the unexpected, when it allows intrigue... We can accentuate the heterogeneous part, encourage eccentricity, to accentuate its rhythms.

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