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Nour Ezzeddine

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The project presents an urban intervention aiming to rejuvenate the coastal area of Sidon, one of the oldest cities in Lebanon and along the Mediterranean. The city that was once known for its orange orchards along the sea coast is now stripped of its green areas and the coast has been mutilated after a coastal highway was implemented in the early 2000s, stripping the area of its prominent architectural and topographic heritage, and thus tearing apart the public spaces and the connectivity between the historic monuments along the coast.
Being the city's emblem, and given its strategic location and historic background, I aimed to revive the port, to give life to maritime activities and to enhance the pedestrian accessibility around the area. The selected site is composed of two plots, through which the old city's souk passes. It was key as it ties together the old city's souk, the city center, and has direct access to the port.

On the upper site, the architectural intervention comprises of a fish market, weaved to provide the visitor with a walk-through providing an overview of the entire the fish cleaning process, and opens up to a double height central hall, with fish cooking stalls that in turn, opens up to a dynamic landscape, catering for the city center.
Alongside the fish market, the complex comprises a maritime museum and an aquarium, and ties with the souk on the south with a retail strip, detached yet overlooking the market.
The landscape opens up to the second plot that is left as an urban park, serving as a breather and an emblem to the city's once generous public spaces, and providing visual connectivity from the coast, inwards towards the old souk, and the market in turn.

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