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ETSAM/UPM / es Spain
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Héctor Egido Jiménez

Project type:
Residencial Colectiva

Basing on reasons of sustainability and efficiency, it could be assured that energy is an essential concept when it comes to improve the performing of particular design. There are several ways in which energy takes a key role in architecture, divided by active and passive actions. The first are the systems, the energy generation and the decision of choosing a specific supply for the building. The second ones work by themselves by means of shape, form, or material, working together with climate and environment.

Thus, The Wave becomes an ecological building, integrated in a designed masterplan regarding orientation and shadowing to take full advantages of the environment while avoiding interferences with nearby neighbours. Shaped in perimeter block, the apartments on each floor are displayed facing the best orientation possible, connected by a continous corridor that gives them access. The roof is bent according to the course of the sun, in order to get the maximun profit of the solar panels installed there. This, combined with a geothermal energy system feeds all necessities of cooling, heating and electricity, in a self-sufficient way.

Considering that Form follows Energy as a leading principle, and applying the previous measures, the final configuration of the project developes the topic of the Inhabitable skin, as an optimized mechanism of a continous glazed air chamber in the façade that keeps comfortable the inner temperature depending on the season.

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