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IEAP - 1510
Universidad San Buenaventura - Cartagena / co Colombia
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The project studies the informal territorial expansion in protection zones near La Ciénaga de la Virgen in Cartagena de Indias, the case of the El Pozón neighborhood, Isla de León sector, addresses the problem of deficient control and management exercised in these territories and the environmental, social, economic and political consequences that this phenomenon generates; using a method that is approached from general to particular, approaches to the community are made in order to identify its dynamics.
At the macrosystem level, guidelines are designed for a comprehensive improvement plan for spatial arrangement. In the following scale (Mesosystem), the urban configuration of some sectors of the Pozón is developed and the proposal of housing solutions for the people who illegally occupy the territory in the protection zone is designed. Finally, on the microsystem scale, environmental training, production, and interpretation equipment are designed. The project intends to solve the problem at different systemic scales in congruence with the current proposals and executions, to project the planning of the territory with an emphasis on participation, inclusion, the creation of productive models and environmental interpretation, in order to promote socio-economic development and the efficient control and management of territories in a sustainable way.

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