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IEAP - 1484
University of Jijel / dz Algeria
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ALI Ramram

Project type:
Residencial Colectiva

ID: IEAP1484

The project is a requalification of the East entrance of Jijel city-Algeria-.the idea is to design a sustainable project that fix the problems of the site and create an urban façade along the highway 43 holding an identity and an image of the city in order to mark the entrance, my inspiration was from the mountains and the nature that character the city.
The project is a chain of green residential blocs inspired from the mountains, it will be a source of recycled water, food due to the urban agriculture in the vertical greens and terraces, it will mark the entrance by its dominance and uniqueness what will attract more tourists. Also, the project will protect the site from the maritime winds and the most important it will make the site alive again by creating more functions (now it’s only administration).
The main material used is wood especially in facades, balconies and vertical green, I propose to use local wood from the fire forests in the city that happened last summer (to protect the environment from emitted co2, as we know 1m3 of wood storage 1ton of co2).the goal is to design a place where people and nature can live together , a friendly project with the environment that gives occupants a good quality and healthy life , where people can meet, take a walk within nature, improve the social interaction and maybe farm their food together.

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