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IEAP - 1459
University of Johannesburg / za South Africa
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leorick Chilimanzi

Project type:

Tectonics of Structure and Skin
Entrepreneurial School

The project originated from understanding the urban design study. The future of the school will be part of the new urban node in Johannesbrug. 5 Lower Ross St will become an interchange to facility intermodal transfers. Not only will the school be considered a focal point, it also has to act as a catalyst for future intensive urban development around the area.
The project was to create a vibrant, integrated urban environment. Where the broader urban needs of students, specifically pedestrians. Were to take precedence.

This provides the brief with informed conceptual layout of the facility. The project is structured around a series of high-quality public spaces which will form the backbone of a future urban center. Commercial and social facilities were included as ancillary functions to be a primary function of the schools. The structural modules of the buildings were therefore designed to accommodate the possibility of future housing on the east and wet side of the residential sectors.

What are the issues with the site ?

-over casting shadows from opposite site
-on the site i create a tech school of innovation
-using materials like glass I had to bring light in from the top

What is the Urdan Proposal ?

-a place of learning
-residential and educational space
-platform for exhibitions and networking

Why did you chose to locate your site?

-to connect the educational programs along beacon st
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