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Rajshahi University of Engineering & technology,Bangladesh. / bd Bangladesh
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Architecture is about how we script our own stories and those of others. And storytelling is one of the basic ways, we share knowledge throughout the community. Without the people and the place that we are part of no matter how sustainable the project is, if there’s no story to bring back to the community then there’s no way we can bring those polluted rivers back to its community. Those rivers are dying, some of them are choking for a grasp of breathing air, some of them are crying out for help. Their stories need to be told. Their voices need to be heard.
Aquarium usually talks about the ocean but we forget it’s the river that leads to the ocean. So for a country like Bangladesh, where 230 rivers are flowing all over the country, Aquarium has to be rethought completely. Cause it has to tell to the whole story not the half of it, for us to understand as a riverine country how much we are depended on rivers.
This project will inspire people to live in harmony with their water bodies while preserving their traditional identity and marine life by promoting a sustainable future for the next generation. Ocean pollution is a global concern that can’t be solved by just one nation. That’s why I believe this project can be adapted globally because after visiting this complex people wouldn’t see water as the way they did before. Because it only takes one person to destroy an ecosystem or a life. Are you that person? Or do you just stand by and watch? Whoever you are this project will surely aspire you to be part of the solution not the pollution.

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