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Muhammad Ersyad Ahmad Jailani

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Waste management and recycling centers are typically designed as utilitarian facilities shunned to an industrial part of the city. The main idea is to conceive waste management and recycling centers not only for their service function but for public spaces in the city that serves as an attractive and lively urban space. Many architects, such as Walter Gropius, Eero Saarinen, and Norman Foster, have developed important buildings that transformed an ‘ugly’ space into an opportunity, making factories more human. The idea that architecture can add value to the design of waste management centers, particularly those in urban cities.

This project is a hub in promoting sustainable fashion and local products, giving opportunities for local designers. The waste collection centers can have new associated functions, such as laboratories, markets, exhibition areas, and rooms for educational activities. To fight the problems connected with global climate change and increasing pollution, the proposed research focuses on one aspect of this problem: to define the role of the architecture and design discipline in waste management as one of the crucial aspects in finding solutions to improve the relationship between city users and the city’s main infrastructure.

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