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IEAP1408 - PLUGIN HOUSE, Flexible and Adaptable Architecture in Social Housing Prototype

IEAP - 1408
Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano — Seccional del Caribe / co Colombia
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Laura Delvasto

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Residencial Colectiva

Social housing is currently supplied by high-cost investments, it is built slowly and with a lot of waste of resources, due to how the market has been projected, and at the same time becoming obsolete. It is worth emphasizing that Colombia continues being a slave to conventional construction techniques, a weak technology of materials that do not meet the requirements of energy efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability. As we know, by 2050 it is projected that 70% of the world's population will live in cities, but in places like Latin America, a high number of these people will live in marginal neighborhoods. In our city, Cartagena, more than 276,000 people live below the poverty line, forcing the state to create new urban residential projects focused on meeting this wide demand. However, in most cases, these homes do not generate well-being at all. The non-provision of flexible spaces adaptable to the needs of each type of family with its different changes in the course of their lives (example: family growth, an adaptation of space for a family business, etc.), resulting in various pathologies reflected in the urban landscape of Cartagena, where we can observe improvised self-built alterations in order to try to “adapt” it to their needs. This shows that even though the symptoms of an inadequate social architecture are evident, we continue to insist on doing the same over and over again, perpetuating a rigid, static and low-quality social architecture.

PLUGIN HOUSE, follows the rhythm of current societies, has a wide typological repertoire corresponding to the variety of users and their purchasing power, it is a flexible prototype for spatial growth and decrease, easy to change uses, and offers the possibility of creating spaces of commerce supporting the economic sustenance of the community. Utilize automated modular manufacturing systems in order to industrialize social housing for its large-scale production, meeting the requirements: speed up times, provide them with habitability, and make them responsive to each family. PLUGIN HOUSE is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, this is why it is built with the organic patent of SIP Panels, MIES System®, exploring alternatives for reducing the consumption of resources and Co2 emissions. With PLUGIN HOUSE people are an active part in the design process of their homes, choosing spaces adaptable to their life patterns.

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