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Estefania Cristina Estofanero Flores

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The project is a country hotel, on the outskirts of the city, the main concept is to COMPLETE AND REVALUE THE LANDSCAPE.
The proposal is located in Arequipa - Perú.

The proposal involves the UNION of a new building and a historical building, around a yard. this union generate a volumetric center, from which the rest of the set is born,
A BOX elevates this center and functions as a platform for contemplation. The radial arrangement consists of two linear volumes that extend in a centrifugal direction, which embrace the landscape resulting a CENTRAL SPACE CONTENT. In the center of the space, is projected a vault that like a pencil is directed towards the landscape, as a gesture of appreciation of the nature.

The layout of the volumes and sequences of way, encourage the exploration of the landscape from different perspectives. giving the visitor a tour with framed landscapes,which allows their valuation.

On the other hand, by way of stairs are configured platforms of expectation, which invite to observe the landscape fully immersing the visitor inside this valley. The architecture of the hotel, through its spaces and pedestrian paths, gives man the contact with nature and heritage, allowing him to see and explore a mixture of historical Architecture and contemporary Architecture, as a whole related to the surrounding landscape, without abandoning respect and conversation with the past.

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