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Beirut Arab University / lb Lebanon
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Reem Nasab

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Craft activities and their products of Sidon city in Lebanon, are increasingly considered as an integral part of the cultural heritage and collective identity. Unfortunately, the handicraft business is facing heaps of challenges and perhaps going through its worst phase, after they resemble the foundation base of the economical life by 32% in the city.
A way to revive the Lost Identity?
Accordingly, to improve this situation, a new version of thinking will mainly focus on turning “traditional cultural resources” into a “sustainable cultural and economic advancement” to restructure and unveil the city’s buried identity, through a business incubator center. That will open a field for craftsmen to connect directly with digital tools (online platform, new tools) and investing the talent of the young category of the city that will re-connect to the old city and highlight the importance of traditional crafts.

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