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Universidad de Navarra / es Spain
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Carmen Magrazó

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Edificios Públicos

Bilbao La Vieja, is an historical suburb of the Nervion´s left riverbank. In front of it, the area comprised by the St Anton gothic church, the bridge with the same name and the market ´La Ribera´ refers to Bilbao city´s foundation.

This old area of iron mines sheltered the families that used to work in them. Traditionally a working-class neighborhood, populated by middle and lower income classes, it was contemptuously baptized as ´Allende la puente´ (´Beyond the bridge´) in the XVIIIth century, because of being the other side of the St Anton bridge.
Nowadays, the marginal character of the area has even emphasized, particularly in St Francisco street where poor families from different ethnic groups crowd together.

From an urban point of view, while the right riverbank´s streets lead to the Nervion River (The Seven Streets), the left´s ones flow parallel to the river, since a huge mass arises as a limit of the old mines hinders a river channel mouth.
In this hard fabric, we find three plots out of the urban context. The biggest one is on a privileged location, watching the river. The two others in St Francisco street, parallel to the Nervion´s promenade.

The architecture program integrates in two of these three plots.

Searching an opening point to the ´Ribera´ Market and St Anton Church area, the stony mass has to be fragmented to overcome the impenetrability. The urban tension of the rift generates two volumes in which interior water and light get mixed creating privacy spaces. The image that is projected by this building to the outdoor, turns the unbreakable wall into a translucent and ethereal one, inviting the passers-by to shelter.

The project aims at creating a public space where everyone can satisfy its personal hygiene needs, a clean point of personal recycling located in a district where social exclusion predominates, a strategic spot in the Nervion´s Riverside.

The architectural program is focused on an essential element: the water.

Essential services such as welfare, healthcare and supply, are located next to the river.
Behind those volumes, administration services, spaces for neighborhood activities and a citizen information office, gaze at the flow of water and people through the urban rift.

- Main Services:
• Water House: shower area, bathroom boxes adapted to dependent users, toilets.
• Laundries: dishwasher machines, washing machines, ironing area.
• Pool

- Care services:
• Care service offices
• Infirmary

- Other services:
• Bazaar - market
• Citizen Information office

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Un proyecto exquisito Carmen. Un Segundo Premio muy merecido. ¡Felicidades!


¡Muchas felicidades por esta interesante propuesta!

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