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Constantino  Baranda

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Inspired by the traditional architecture of Morocco this scheme aims to reinvent the market place, giving the neighbourhood a new civic heart. Occupying an entire city block in Casablanca, a market and a new public space are created.

Due to the city’s climate and culture just a shaded space is needed to solve its scheme. In this way my proposal concentrates on the design of a roof system.

A clear geometric pattern among with the simple repetition of single-sloped roofs generates a unique scenery. Small commercial plazas are grouped surrounding small warehouses. A diagonal grid establishes the main circulations within the market, having an open patio in every main intersection.

The service area and ateliers are located in its east and south elevation, creating a barrier between the market and the neighbourhood.

Conceived as a system, the position of each sloped-roof together with its openings follows sunlight, ventilation and activity criteria.

Like the traditional souk, this design and its materials bring together dappled sunlight, bright colours and activity. Responding to this, a brick industrial lattice hangs from every facade developing a textured façade in each roof piece.

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