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IEAP - 1130
Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio / es Spain
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Victor Rodriguez Izquierdo

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This project arises as a response to the extractive mining activity experienced by the island of Lanzarote. It is proposed to create habitable spaces fully or partially-underground, which do not produce such a resounding visual impact in such as a characteristic landscape.
This concept is reinforced by the use of high temperature geothermal energy, not only to fulfill the cooling requirements of the proposed solution, but as a possible partial solution to the energy supply of the island of Lanzarote.
The main idea comes from the process of forming a volcanic tube and develops through a very rotund geometry given the limitations of the construction process.
The lunar landscape of La Geria, is not only suitable for the location of a winery, but for the realization of a small dedicated to relaxation and the most discerning tourist hotel; to people who appreciate tranquility, silence, nature, scenic beauty and superb fine cuisine and of course the most exquisit wines in Spain.

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