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The Orphanage JAVA Puericultorio (Ayacuho, Peru) was founded in order to provide comprehensive support for every child orphaned victim of violence. It is located in the outskirts of the city, where almost a hundred children are going through the school system up to the age of 18, but once they come of age, they don’t have any further support and, therefore, no one to look after them.
The transition from the lives of children to adult life is very difficult. Puericultorio was in need of somewhere for kids to move this step forward, so they become self-sufficient and independent

Kusi Ayllu Youth Development Center is the Integration of the orphanage within the urban space and its development over time.
An urban scale project which gives the city new public spaces, complement the teaching vocation and diversifies the activity of San Juan suburb.

Considering the previous orphanage structure, volumes and free spaces are organized fitting with the existing urban layout.
So, as part of a first degree of privacy, we found the workshops pavilion. There, children orphans are engaged in a type of training focused on arts and crafts.
Following the hierarchy, the next volume contains the youth accommodation, where teenagers can choose between single or shared studios. Finally, two volumes configure the Young Training Center where activities such as cooking take place.

Young people´s learning and mayurity progress is shown in the commitment to their city. Thus, new trades take to the streets, giving to the city the missing commercial network.
And this is how, through this thread, they have created a walkable area reminiscent of the arcades of the Plaza de Armas that unites the whole ensamble.
Kusi Ayllu becomes the responsibility of young people and neighbors to fulfill the needs of the area.

The construction system draws on a traditional Peruvian system, integrating it into a proposal of modern construction.
Under a strict modular grid, the concrete structure is interspersed with walls of adobe seen. The anti-seismic system is designed entirely from community participation and the intention to preserve the technical local building traditions.
The life cycle of the proposed project goes beyond mere technical constructive.
Self project efficiency is key to its operation as a program, its evolution over time and economic self-sustainability.

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¡Muchas gracias!


¡Muchas gracias!


Un proyecto muy interesante y sutil. ¡Felicidades Carmen!


Una excelente propuesta. ¡Muchas felicidades!

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