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Project type:
Edificios Públicos

Museums have to be active entities that reinvent themselves to adapt to the society with they live, but they should not give up certain parameters of heritage conservation and propagation.


Basic intentions:

-Build a museum for the public, where people go not only for exhibitions but also for different uses that may occur on it.
-Creation of free and flexible spaces that adapt to the needs of expository material, whatever in each case.
-Relevance of travel and natural light, as essential elements of the museum.
-Integration of past and present, creating a symbolic building adapted to our time but without sacrificing the tradition of the place.

The plot in which the maritime-fluvial museum is housed is located in the parish of Sao Pedro da Afurada, in Vila Nova de Gaia the opposite shore of the Doure River to Porto.

The Portuguese city has traditionally lived in their relationship with the river, especially Vila Nova de Gaia, due to their relationship with the wineries, economic engine of the city, which used the river as a mean of communication and transport.

The wineries are a great historical reference, large volumes of rectangular floor and pitched roofs. This type of building provides some relation to the shipyards, buildings that are very similar to the wineries that served warehouse and ship repair typology, hence its relationship with the sea.

The project is taking these buildings as a reference, and can be understood as a reinterpretation of these traditional buildings and their adaptation to our time.

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