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IEAP 1501 - Everyday X Governance

IEAP - 1501
Kamla Raheja Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies, University of Mumbai / in India
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Smriti Bhaya

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Edificios Públicos

The thesis looks at the existing governance systems in the ward and the interaction with the public and citizens.
Budget, planning, development agendas happen in a more top down fashion .You either go the ward office to obtain some services or you can lodge a complaint/ take your queries to the ward Councillors. You cannot set forth any demands. If participation is invited it involves only a particular set of people who have resources to get their voices heard. The everyday information about the development of the ward is lacking. The spaces and the nature of participation isn’t very democratic.
The thesis suggests a more decentralized system to reach and involve more people. As a basis it uses the Area Sabha bill, which suggests sub divisions in the ward (electoral constituencies) each constituency or area will have a sabha. Area Councillors mandate them and it’s an office where the proposals are put up. Like Popular Councils in Brazil, where local proposals are put up and those get deliberated and then forwarded to the higher level (ward level).
K West Ward has about 6 lakh people and it isn’t possible for them to assemble all at once. The nature of issues don’t always concern the entire ward. To enable interactions at multiple scales of places, the thesis proposes 3 stages, or scales of interventions. The ward office is the top tier office, where people can assemble to discuss issues/agendas that concern the entire ward. For agendas and development issues that concern only a specific area or neighborhood, the area sabha exists in collaboration the governing institute, offered to the people by the government; and you have the neighborhood cell, which is outside of the realm of the governing institute, created by the people for the people

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