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IEAP - 1398

IEAP - 1398
New York Institute of Technology / tr Turkey
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Yusuf Urlu

Project type:
Edificios Públicos

The 'Community Hub' is about the ways aesthetical, physical, and societal functions of architecture that operate as a spatio-morphological tool for social interaction and integration of displaced people. The main components are the different levels of urban engagement incorporated in the work and its adjustability and accessibility to society; and its unconventional proposal, “The Cloud System:” a combination of buildings that reject camps and clusters, such as housing projects, respectively, due to their unintended or uncalculated way of subconsciously aiding the differentiation of its inhabitants in urban memory. As an alternative, “The Cloud System” situates buildings separately, but in Clouds, certain approximations that are based on an algorithm of availability, opportunity, and infrastructure access.

The entire modularity of the building is there for the community to change over time and use its openness and unfinishedness to enhance its belongingness and integration. Lastly, the canopy creates a sense of half transparent and half protected area with sun and shade games on the street level, while holding the solar panels to create renewable energy.

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