Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1263
UAL / FCT-UNL / pt Portugal
2 members
Afonso Ruas
Mario Carvalho

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

MusicHill aims to create a multifunctional and intricate space capable of merging the foundations of the natural and musical elements of Hyde Park.
The project consists of elevating the garden spaces adjacent to the road, this way carving a hill in the middle of Hyde Park.
At the same time, by hollowing this hill we are able to conceive an inside space underneath. Resulting in that from the subtraction of matter, a new relationship is established between the human body, space and time.
From the union of Music and Nature, MusicHill can be Stimulating and Serene, Interactive and Sensorial, but at the same time subject to Interpretation and disengagement. Through the sequence of diverse spaces, Interior, Exterior and Interior-Exterior, thus it is susceptible to become a space of relaxation, leisure, but also performative and informational.

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