Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1258
University of Cagliari / it Italy
4 members
Andrea Margagliotti
fabio piludu
Matteo Spiga
Maura  Meloni

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This project stems from the desire to create a space for listening to music in an environment influenced by the serenity of nature. The pavilion consists of horizontal planes resting on passing pillars that penetrate the floors and recall the stem and the branches of the trees. Together the two main elements make up a structurally and visually light system. White and steel were chosen to approach the dematerialization of music, which according to the German philosopher, Schelling, is the most abstract art. There is no distinction between internal and external space, everything lets itself be traversed by light and air, an exception is a small parallelepiped glass that contains within it the cultural and physical exchange of music. The two floors above ground with a free layout can be used for the most diverse sharing or resting activities.

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