Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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Dmytro Aranchii

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The main aim of the project was to move away from typical perception of the pavilion, which often have a closed or semi-open space in the structural form. The task was to create dis/assembling space with the ability to be mounted at any event, and not to occupy lots of space if necessary.
Instead of the musical scene, we focused our attention on a place for listeners, the tribune. The elevation of the tribune creates amphitheater. Not only this creates better views for the audience, but also serves for better spread of sound. A Zeppelin serves to attract people’s attention and signals to people about the start of the festival. Due to the composition of the amphitheater the tribunes are divided into three zones: active - near the scene, middle - with possible places to retreat and pause for snacks or rest, and the last, quiet zone - allows you to watch the performance of musicians on the stage from the seats and listen to the music.

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