Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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As the oldest and largest park in Central London, Hyde park is a popular destination among the locals and the tourists for picnicking, cycling and boating. It boasts a rich wildlife biodiversity and serves as an important green lung in the city.

When we visited the park, we were greeted by birds’ chirping and ducks’ quacking, painting a vivid soundscape of nature that captures the atmosphere of Hyde park. Therefore, the design of our proposal pays homage to the musicians of nature by adopting the form of a bird nest. It is perched above the lake near the Serpentine bridge which, a popular bird feeding spot to enjoy proximity to the swans and ducks resting along the lake.

Exploring the concept of layers, our proposal consists of an internal and external shell made of rammed earth and timber respectively, promoting sustainability using natural materials. The external shell defines an exhibition deck that features past and upcoming concerts while allowing users to look out onto the amazing view of the lake. On the other hand, the internal shell envelopes an amphitheatre for informal performances and serves as a venue for people to hang out and listen to music. Through our proposal, we want to create a sanctuary where people can nurture, share and enjoy music.

Beneath the pavilion, boaters can paddle through the external shell and marvel at its captivating structure of the external shell while listening to the swans and ducks quacking by. While the internal shell focuses on celebrating music created by us, the external shell provides a contrasting experience of immersing in the sound of nature.

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