Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1137
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Valladolid / es Spain
3 members
Inés García Ruiz
Esther Yuguero
Miguel Rodríguez

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The rain falls creating rhythms. These rhythms are repeated regularly with a variable intensity, strong or weak.
The pillars support the cloud and represent the rhythm due to rhythm supports music as well.

The condensation cores harmonize and company the balance of the cloud, setting up different atmospheres.
Platforms symbolize the harmony as a string of spaces in which different simultaneous activities are developed at the same time, like in music happens when a chord is played and notes sound simultaneously.

The melody is the starting point and the visible part in music. The mesh of the cloud symbolizes it. It’s the element you see before the storm.
The mesh consists on threads forming a set that is perceived as a single entity, as the same way the musical melody is formed by a succession of notes unified.

Music and architecture are combined to create the musical pavilion called The cloud, located in Hyde Park. It is crossed by an existing road for pedestrians and bicycles in the north shore of the serpentine lake, in front of the Mashtaba. It is surrounded by nearby trees.
The mesh envelopes all the space and introduce the park inside it. The upper part contains the main and biggest scenery, an auditorium, space for exhibitions, cafeteria and restaurant. There is a terrace in the cafeteria with views to the lake and the rest of the park. In the first floor or intermediate platforms there are rehearsal rooms and multidisciplinary spaces.

All the platforms are related visually throw inner courtyards that contains gardens supported by the mesh of the cloud. This causes the rain, the ropes hanged of the mesh drains water from the gardens, it creates atmospheres of music, nature, water and sound. The space contains outdoors musical and cultural activities.

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