Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1132
Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb / hr Croatia
1 members
Mirta Moravec

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The intricate network of paths in Hyde Park is filled with intersections. Seemingly random, they are the result of centuries of decisions of those passing by, led by their purpose, emotions and senses. In a desire to attract people only by the sound of music, the pavilion is placed under the ground's surface level. Three ramps branch out in three different directions, connecting with existing intersections. The sound of music and the ramps' decline pull visitors in. Carefully placed walls shield the view of the performer, creating a small labyrinth. Hiding the source of music until the very end provides visitors with a feeling of intrigue and mystery. The central space of the pavilion serves as a place of gathering, the performer being the focal point. The walls' fluid disposition can also be used as a space for exhibitions. The pavilion itself becomes an intersection, a place of encounter but also a point of crossing - it provides passers by different directions to continue their journey on.

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