Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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ETSAM UPM / es Spain
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Carlos Martín Muñoz
carlos parajó cenamor
Guillaume Myers Melchor

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Tubular Bells is a musical and temporal experience through Hyde Park's concerts past, present and future
that not only houses music, but that also creates music. The artistic intervention lays across the
Serpentine, offering an interactive and nostalgic path with projections of the park's most memorable
performances. The path itself is composed of hundreds of tubes that vibrate and chime when the wind
blows through them, enveloping those who cross it.

The tubes arrange the spaces within the path, opening clearings in the labyrinth where musicians can
conribute to Hyde Park's rich musical history. The varying sizes of the tubes, the undulating shapes they
create and their reflections in the lake's waters resemble the sound waves of the city.

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