Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1086
University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Technical Sciences / rs Serbia
3 members
Lazar Petrovic
ARSA Novi Sad
Nemanja Jovic

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The Pavilion
In historical ground, natural environment Hyde Park, London, UK town we designed the pavilion that is the place for enjoyment of all human senses.
The Pavilion is settled in space nearby The Serpentine Lake which is on the south and The Hudson Memorial Bird Sanctuary which comes to the north of the Pavilion. This location can be changed due to the modularity of it. Form of the pavilion allows to be used as a stage for musical concerts.

The pavilion consists of two towers which are on the top connected with pasarel which contains lounge area.
This pavilion has two towers, connected with pasarel on top, one tower is art gallery tower and the other one is music gallery tower.
Art Gallery tower begins with gallery space in ground floor and as visitor moves upstairs he is walking through spaces filled with artefacts off al kind.
When visitor passes through all galleries, on four levels he can find place to rest on the fifth level where there is a pasarel which connects two towers. On pasarel we designed a restaurant which has a view over the park and lake.
The second tower is built to celebrate musical arts. Also as the other pavilion it begins with gallery only this tower has musical galleries. They begin in ground floor and they continue to rise up to the last floor where visitor can continue his journey through art walking over the pasarel to the another tower and visit visual art gallery.

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